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Arden Medical Centre
Downing Close, Station Road, Solihull, B93 0QA
Telephone: 01564 739194
Last Reviewed: anonymously - 08 November 2018
Arran Medical Centre
Mull Croft, Smiths Wood, Birmingham, B36 0PU
Telephone: 0121 770 4043
Last Reviewed: Mrs Smith - 06 September 2018
Hard to get an appointment. Hopefully when they move into the new building it will be better.
Balsall Common and Meriden Group Practice (Balsall Common Site)
1 Ashley Drive, Balsall Common, Coventry, CV7 7RW
Telephone: 01676 935 000
Last Reviewed: J Samson - 01 August 2018
Never had any problems.
Balsall Common and Meriden Group Practice (Meriden Site)
Old School House, 200 Main Rd, Meriden, CV7 7NG
Telephone: 01676 522252
Last Reviewed: Nobody has completed a review of Balsall Common and Meriden Group Practice (Meriden Site) yet.
Blossomfield Surgery
308 Blossomfield Road, Solihull, B91 1TF
Telephone: 0121 705 5339
Last Reviewed: anonymously - 12 April 2018
sometimes hard to get through on the phone
Blythe Practice
1500 Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9LE
Telephone: 01564 779280
Last Reviewed: Julie Cartwright - 02 May 2018
A very good practice. Have always received a good service from both the doctors and the nurses there.
Bosworth Medical Centre
Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre, Crabtree Drive, Birmingham, B37 5BU
Telephone: 0121 770 4484
Last Reviewed: Neil Astley - 06 September 2018
Great service provided to my mother by the doctors. Can be difficult to get an appointment at times.
Castle Practice
2 Hawthorne Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B36 0HH
Telephone: 0121 747 2422
Last Reviewed: anonymously - 09 May 2018
A great surgery. Never have problems getting an appointment, and the doctors seem to really care.
Chester Rd Surgery
406C Chester Road, Kingshurst, Birmingham, B36 0LF
Telephone: 0121 770 3035
Last Reviewed: anonymously - 09 May 2018
The nurse at the surgery is very good. Supported my husband through his illness. I also think the healthcare assistant is really good too, as well as the doctors.
Church Road Surgery
90 Church Road, Sheldon, B26 3TP
Telephone: 0121 741 1101
Last Reviewed: anonymously - 05 September 2018
Sometimes hard to get an appointment


Enterprise Centre,
1 Hedingham Grove
Chelmunds Cross
Chelmsley Wood
B37 7TP


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